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Dutch Blitz

My heart was racing the first time I played this vonderful game!

Get your copy on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/3biihoB

Dutch Blitz was introduced to us by some very close friends and is a party favorite. I love the look on peoples' faces the first time they see this fast-paced card game. Combining elements of spoons and solitaire, the goal of this game is to reach a score of 75 points first. The box contains 4 decks with unique identifiers on the backs allowing up to 4 people to play. Each player has a play area that is organized into three cards juxtaposed with a stack of 10 cards that you have to get rid of either by placing them in the center area (by color in rising order) or in your play area (descending order alternating boy/girl). The game is played in rounds and at the end of each round, every card played in the center area is worth 1 point, while the remaining cards from your stack of 10 are worth -2 points. So, be quick!

The game is quite simple to understand and can be picked up after a couple of rounds and once you do, the gameplay is incredibly fast and the pressure is high! Several friends of mine picked up a copy for themselves shortly after I introduced them to this game because it's cheap and packed with fun. Dutch Blitz is also great as an ice-breaker that my teams and I would play to get our energy up before working on a project. Finally, while the game is only for 4 players, the expansion pack adds another 4 which can get chaotic. We found the best number to play with is between 4-6 players.

Complexity: Easy-Medium (depends on who's playing)

Players: 4-8 (with expansion)

Age: 8+

Setup: ~5 minutes

Duration: 30 Minutes

Get your copy on Amazon here: https://amzn.to/3biihoB


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