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Sushi Go! - The Pick & Pass Card Came

Match your foods and try not to get stuffed in this Japanese delicatessen!

Get your Sushi Go! here: https://amzn.to/3o0K0wx

One of my favorites, Sushi Go! is effectively a memory game that I could play for hours. In this rapid-paced game, players start off with a hand of cards containing different sushi options. They each pick one care and pass the deck to the player next to them. This goes on for the rest of the round until all cards are used up and points are calculated. After three rounds, the player with the most points wins. However, you cannot claim points until you match up certain menu items (maki, sashimi, wasabi, shrimp tempura, etc), so you could end up leaving points on the table if you're not paying attention. This is a fast game to play and incredibly easy to learn. I promise endless fun with this game. And as a bonus, you can play it with younger kids (8+).

Complexity: Easy

Players: 3-4 (2 players are not as fun, but possible)

Age: 8+

Setup: ~2 minutes

Duration: 20-30 minutes

Get your Sushi Go! here: https://amzn.to/3o0K0wx


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